Heart Chakra Brass Singing Bowl


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Singing bowls have been used for centuries in yoga and meditation to focus the mind, reduce stress, lower anxiety and enhance wellbeing. The sound made when played differs depending on the size and material of each singing bowl.

Therefore the different sound frequencies can be used to create energy or establish calmness.

This singing bowl is focused on releasing blockages and generating free-flow energy in the 4th chakra, the heart.

The heart chakra, is the bridge between the lower chakras, associated with materiality, and the upper chakras, associated with spirituality. The heart chakra can influence our ability to give and receive love from others and ourselves.

Someone with a blocked heart chakra will have difficulty fully opening up to the people in their life. If someone’s heart is open, they can experience deep compassion and empathy.

Singing bowls have been used by monks for many years in meditation practices.


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