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Access the power of the chakras with this chakra gemstone chip bracelet. This eye-catching bracelet features seven different gemstones, each aligned to one of the seven chakras.

The chakras are seven ‘energy centres’ used in many healing systems, primarily in Hinduism and Ayurvedic medicine. Each chakra is linked to a region of the body and specific energies. One can focus on the chakras during meditation and it is believed that balancing and aligning the chakras can heal the physical and spiritual self.

Crystals Used
Clear Quartz – Crown Chakra, Sahasrara
Amethyst – Third Eye Chakra, Ajna
Sodalite – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha
Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra, Anahata
Calcite – Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura
Carnelian – Navel Chakra, Swadisthana
Hematite – Root Chakra, Muladhar

Chakra jewellery is often recommended for people who use Reiki or practice yoga to help enhance their spiritual and physical wellbeing and restore balance

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