Capricorn Organic Shampoo Oily Hair 250 ml or 8.45 fl oz


Our master Aromatherapist has developed this organic Capricorn shampoo for oily hair blending a synergy of vetiver, cypress and patchouli essential oils and castor oil with an organic base to increase your personal power, heal and balance.

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Our organic hand-crafted shampoo for oily hair, is specially formulated for Capricorns (Born between 22 December and 20 January), enhancing their best qualities. We use only the finest organic ingredients blending natural essential oils with a organic base and soothing castor oil.

This blend is also good for stress reduction, circulation and arthritis.

The Essential Oil Blend
We use a number of oils that help not only metaphysically but also assist the homeostatic nature of the human body.

This blend includes Cupressus semprevirens is good for poor circulation, can help with arthritic complaints. Vetiveria zizanoides is antiseptic, stimulates the production of red blood corpuscles and pancreatic secretions and can be used to treat acne. Pogostemon cablin is great for skin and hair care including sore skin and dandruff.

Ricinus communis
Has wonderful lubricating and water proofing properties, perfect for hair conditioning.

Star Sign, Horoscope, Zodiac Sign
Planetary ruler: Saturn
Element: Earth
Positive traits: Logical, practical and ambitious, Capricorns have a desire for success and the will to succeed. Although they are the loners of the zodiac, they are considered to have a good sense of humour and make loyal and faithful friends.
Negative traits: Can be bossy, domineering and too focused on a goal, disregarding other people and their feelings. They can be inclined to bear grudges and to be jealous and possessive.
Health issues: Capricorn, the tenth astrology sign, rules the bones, joints (especially the knees!), teeth and skin, so broken bones, stiff joints and skin problems are often the main issue. Insecurity, over-worrying and ‘burn-out’ can be other concerns.

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