With our fast-paced lives, the demands placed on our time with jobs, family and social activities and the fact that so much of our food is processed, exposed to chemicals and shipped over long distances, it can be a challenge to make sure that we have a balanced diet and are getting all of the nutrients that we need on a daily basis.

Particularly health-conscious individuals may also want to actively support the detoxification of their bodies, to help prevent a build up of toxins which (if allowed to accumulate and remain in the body over time) can have a detrimental impact on health.

We are exposed to more toxic chemicals on a daily basis than ever before and the number keeps increasing. This places an incredible burden on our bodies and, in particular, our livers and other detoxification organs and systems. If they come under strain, it can affect several different areas of health (such as digestion, hormonal balance, energy levels, immunity etc).

It is therefore important that we take action by avoiding as many chemicals as is practicable (particularly in our diets – see our Organic supplements range), actively cleansing the body (e.g. through adequate hydration) and ensuring that we are keeping as healthy as possible in order to cope with this toxic world.