Use the poser of plants and trees to fragrance your home.

  • Holistic Car Fragrance Oils

    Holistic Car Fragrance Oils (6)

    Need to take your holistic journey on the road.  Try our car fragrance oils empowered with natural essential oils.
  • Holistic Diffusers

    Holistic Diffusers (12)

    Essential oil infused diffusers, as style and a wonderful natural scent to any space.
  • Holistic Fragrance Oils

    Holistic Fragrance Oils (8)

    Essential oil inspired fragrance oils.
  • Wax Tarts

    Wax Tarts (7)

    Fill your home with 20 hours of fragrance. Handmade in the UK using the finest ethically sourced ingredients, topped with botanicals, and are palm oil free, vegan and plastic packaging free.