• Burners

    Burners (62)

    Want to chill and add some atmosphere to you home the buy a burners you can add oil, stick cones or backflow to create the perfect relaxation zone, bringing the east home.
  • Candles

    Candles (47)

    Church, pillar, scented candles and tealights.
  • Holistic Fragrance

    Holistic Fragrance (33)

    Use the poser of plants and trees to fragrance your home.
  • Holistic Home Accessories

    Holistic Home Accessories (7)

    Holistic living accessories for your home.
  • Incense

    Incense (83)

    Add the perfect scent to your chill space, we have one of the largest collections of incense stick, cones and back flow cones.  I a range of scents from classic plant based lavender to more exotic vampire kiss.
  • Salt Lamps

    Salt Lamps (14)

    Himalayan lamps add a wonderful pink glow to any home.  Healing and peaceful made from natural salt from the Himalayan mountains.
  • Wall Art

    Wall Art (2)

    Looking for the perfect piece of wall art for your home?  We have a great selection of Buddha inspired object 'art.